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Strategic Plan ideas

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 19 September 2007, 7:39 AM  
I see the NZOF is beginning the strategic plan review process. Perhaps one theme behind it should be making the NZOF structure and role specific to our sport.

It could be argued that some NZOF positions, eg Development Officer, Coaching Director etc conform well to the SPARC driven generic National Sporting Organisation "best practice" but have failed to deliver value to the NZ O public.

We need quality maps and events, not words and talk. People get sick of orienteering, why? They get sick of running on the same old maps all the time and not getting the challenge they once did out of the sport. Why would they coach and develop when that is their mojo?

Two new positions to replace Coaching Director and Development Officer

1) Mapping Director
- works with clubs to ensure maximal use is made of pub charities
- centralises work programmes of mapping contractors
- maintains nationwide database of maps
- co-ordinates ongoing map exploration
- liaises with key nationwide landowners.

2) Events Manager
- markets and supervises event production of Summer Carnival and Nats
- markets super series, area champs
- works with clubs to produce professionally run summer series leagues
- aids clubs with developing unique niche events...katoa po, winter classic, long-o, annual 6 race sprint weekend, Naseby, mountain marathon, extreme urban orienteering.
- promotes events in areas with no central otago, bay of plenty.

We certainly need some brave changes, as indicated by the President in latest NZO mag (nice work there too Mick!)

Ideas anyway, anyone else got any...please only ideas and refined ideas on this thread...

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 19 September 2007, 8:36 AM  
My immediate reaction is that the Events Manager sounds a very good idea. Mapping Director? Would need to think more about where the boundaries between this and the role of clubs would sit. No coaching director?

Anyway, bravo for some brave, original ideas.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 20 September 2007, 4:33 PM  
Well worth having a debate. I don't think the last SP meeting was well facilitated - we hardly got beyond the "dream" stuff. Of course we can all agree that we want orienteering to be bigger and brighter, and list the S, W, O's and T's. The issues are more tactical than strategic - ways and means.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 20 September 2007, 6:18 PM  
ok, another idea, an extension on the super club idea occasionally bandied around by Simon Addison....

Why do we need a treasurer/president/newsletter/mapping people for each club...inefficiencies??

How about more of a governance role for area associations, leaving clubs more time to run events/encourage their members. That also gives a body of people responsibility for developing orienteering in new places in their areas.

May also be able to develop more clubs to cater for different niches and develop local interclub rivalry by gifting control of the maps to the regional body, so all clubs in the area could run events on well used maps....perhaps facilitating the growth of new clubs...

Which would also lead to more competition in the running of events, perhaps leading to better quality providing the atmosphere, course length, overall experience that competitors desire...

I think this is another argument for a national map database...maps could then be used by independent bodies such as schools etc...maybe we could have a system where everybody, clubs, schools, training groups, can order maps off a national website. Getting things as automated as possible to save time...

of course all ideas...

Show Profile  ole codger Posted: 21 September 2007, 10:12 PM  
Well I've now got CMOC to move the 2008 Auck Champs to April, so now the NZOF can instigate a High performance Autumn season and a Super Series for all grades. Thats a big start to stimulate and keep interest in the sport.The question is can the NZOF get their A IN TO G

Show Profile  addison Posted: 22 September 2007, 1:35 PM  
I personally think its great what you have done Wayne.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 23 September 2007, 1:34 PM  
super series for all grades...that interests me...

could reinvigorate the Brighouse Trophy...make it like the IAAF Golden League thing where all eligible athletes wear the golden bib until they are knocked out...concept would need some refining of course.

What do you mean by nzof getting their a into g?? Do you have some sort of a plan of what they should do??? who, when, where, what?

Show Profile  SJ Posted: 23 September 2007, 2:34 PM  
Wayne is alluding to the idea of actually having a season for the sport. But I'm sure with the mention of this everyone will put their heads in the sand as apparently it is far too difficult.

Along with Wayne, I believe having a season is of utmost importance, and personally I think it is the biggest flaw in our sport and the reason it is not growing as we would like.

A few months ago there was a meeting in Auckland between members of the three clubs and we came up with some excellent plans for a season, but all agreed the implementation would be very difficult due to the fact that most clubs as well as the NZOF are incredibly hard-headed when it comes to trying to address the season issue. Is no one else concerned by the fact we don't have a real season or would some people actually like to see a sensible format for the order of events in NZ?

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 23 September 2007, 10:04 PM  
yeah so who, when, where, what etc...esp in regard to NZOF

lets not discuss whether we need a season or not lets just have one.

Show Profile  nick Posted: 24 September 2007, 11:05 AM  
"Mapping Director" = a particularly good idea.

Amongst our primary strategic goals must surely be the security and growth of access to land and the existence of maps.

It would be wise to be working five years (or more) into the future, in terms of identifying new areas, liasing with landowners, securing funding, mapping, etc... and I think that a national level approach to this would be the most efficient and effective way of making it happen. Leaving it to clubs to handle really means leaving it to individuals which, aside from being inefficient, also produces inconsistent results across the country and fatigues the volunteer base.

Another issue that would land squarely on the desk of a "Mapping Director": we can't create new maps without mappers. I know Micheal et al have already flagged this issue... but schooling up more mappers would have to be a strategic priority.

I think a dedicated position would be beneficial.

Show Profile  nick Posted: 24 September 2007, 11:07 AM  
and deserving of a separate post...

Who else thinks that full-time paid administrators are the way to go?




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