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New Years

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 1 November 2001, 3:47 AM  
That time of year has come again.
Lets hope like buggery that it does not rain.
Where shall we go? Somewhere main?
Mabye we could take the train.
Speaking of which we should Train.
Since we have the Aussies to Mame.
Coramandel? Anyone game?
Everywhere else will be lame.
We all could watch the sunrise again.
you know that it's never the same.
Lets make this New Years go down in fame.

What are people keen to do for New Years? There has been talk of the Coramandel. I'm keen as for that.
But where in the Coramandel?
Have your say!

Show Profile  AndrewT Posted: 1 November 2001, 7:36 AM  
Coromandel sounds a goer!

I am planning on being in vicinity of the Mount on New Years, and am keen to do some travelling training.

There is no more Train from Auckland to Tauranga now brent. You'll have to hoon in your car instead.

Is anyone hatching up a master plan yet, or are we to all leave it to the gods? As in New Years 99/00

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 1 November 2001, 8:46 AM  
Whangamata is also a goodie!
Cheaper and alot easier to find a place to crash close to the goings on than the Mount.

Show Profile  Dave Barr Posted: 5 February 2002, 3:46 PM  
Why don't we go to the Mt. It would be hot and there is probably going to be lots of hot chicks. Of course we would have to realise that jamie would be making a huge sacrifice and put in a huge effort, purely for his benefit. it is likely that if we go to the mount Brent and Greg will be able to score a 15 year old and a 10y.o. respectively. We could also try and ditch jamie so that we can play minigolf.




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