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Where all da ladiez at?

Show Profile  AndrewT Posted: 27 October 2001, 9:05 AM  
In recent years, the decline of feminine 'talent' in orienteering has been noticed by myself.

Not only did NZ not have a world champs relay team, but there has been very little sexyness oozing through the ranks.

Is this due to shauns departure as well? Who knows, but I want your opinions. Also if any one has any fond memories of O-Ladies from the past, please dont hesitate to share them...

Show Profile  Roger Posted: 8 November 2001, 3:03 AM  
Lets check whos scored George Doors.
so we'll ask who've you scored, George Doors?

Show Profile  Roger Posted: 8 November 2001, 7:45 AM  
I represent that remark.

Show Profile  Dave Barr Posted: 5 February 2002, 3:50 PM  
What is needed is a concerted effort to publicise orienteering in Newmarket between 1530 and 1700.




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