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Bella's Fundraiser Rogaine Added by: fraser
Date: 22 September 2018
Map: Sticky Forest
Club Upper Clutha Orienteering Club
Location: Wanaka
Region: South Island
Country: New Zealand
Event type: Rogaine
Description: Fundraiser for Bella to join the invitational orienteering team to Australia at the end of September.

Location: Platinum Ridge (Sticky Forest) car park.

Time: 2pm.

Cost per person:
18+ $10
5-17 years $5
(you can donate more if you are feeling generous).

The event can be done as an individual or team (of any size).

Please enter online.

There will be a limited number of maps printed for on the day entries.
Contact Name: Fraser
Land Access Responsibilities: No Dogs. No Smoking. Leave only footprints (and gates as you found them).
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