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WOC Selections (lets try again)

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 9 May 2003, 6:48 PM  
Hey Chris Forne what a legend, zero to hero. Question is how well will he respond on the big stage....I'm picking pretty well, relaxed dude who instinctively knows when to slow down (one of the keys to orienteering).

Obviously the real potential for top places comes in the form of RobJ and Tania. Tania is a proven performer at WOC but can she break into the top twenty, which has so far eluded her at WOC (I may 'just' be wrong here). Rob J if he holds his form from Nationals (what a guru) is a definite top thirty chance, hopes are he keeps it together mentally.

As for the others, to me they seem very solid but I doubt potential for a bolter, ie a top thirty. Perhaps if Aaron Prince is fit, but to me they are missing a Dravitski at full stretch or a super smooth McLeod. I however have no doubt they will represent us well and this is a team that will give it death. Prince, Barbour and Markham are probably the mentally toughest bunch of individuals we could put together..Al Landels may contest this...and I look forward to a good relay result.

And when they get back the rest of us will be at their throats trying to knock them off their perches. Goddammit




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